With architecture echoing European ‘open air’ street shopping, High Street Bowral is one of the most unique shopping attractions in the New South Wales.

This latest addition to Bong Bong Street, in the heart of Bowral’s town centre comprises of two storeys dedicated to quality retail shops, including Sportspower, Brafel of Bowral, Southern Jeans, Bowral Sweets & Treats, Cos-Cut, Creme of Bowral, Hair on High by Versace and Confetti. Visitors to High Street can anticipate even more stores opening soon.

High Street Bowral also serves as a pedestrian link between Bong Bong Street and the township’s largest free car park, providing a bustling pedestrian thoroughfare and a unique ‘street scape’ for shopping and relaxing.

High Street Bowral’s Managing Director, Jim Limberis says, “High Street Bowral is a ‘must visit’ destination for retail and tourism. As a retail development it offers a welcome departure from the usual ‘closed’ shopping centre experience. It has loads of character, activating the town with a laneway-come-street that gives shoppers the very popular ‘fresh air and sunshine’ experience of the outdoor retail strip.”

Dramatic beacons of lights placed at both the Bong Bong Street entrance and the car park entrance provide remarkable impact upon visitors to the centre, at night and during the day. These in combination with colourful banners will signal changes in the seasons and other events of significance to the town.

To acknowledge and celebrate the history of Bowral and the local region, High Street Bowral has incorporated a historic timeline into the central walkway that links both entrances, commemorating events of historic significance to the town since Bowral was first settled.

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