High Street Bowral will serve as a pedestrian link between Bowral's main carpark and Bong Bong Street - the heart of the township.

This will attract significant pedestrian traffic through High Street leading into the township by providing a thoroughfare and a unique ‘street scape’ for both shopping and relaxing.


High Street Bowral is offering select tenants the opportunity to be part of a retail environment specifically designed to embrace the consumer lifestyle of the Southern Highlands, catering to both the local community and tourists alike.


The architecture of High Street Bowral will use high quality finishes to compliment the unique character of the Southern Highlands. Design elements will include traditional details and materials to evoke the charm and warmth associated with this character, and will be combined with contemporary features to achieve maximum functionality.


High Street Bowral has been designed to create a thriving shopping environment. The central piazza and open air walkways encourage shoppers to meander through the entire development, punctuated with shady rest areas under lush tree canopies. High Street Bowral will offer an atmosphere of activity and excitement allowing retailers to flourish.


With unequalled visibility and high exposure, High Street Bowral occupies the favoured retail location in the heart of the township.

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